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Solace In The Dark

By Shadoww, Oak Lawn, IL

The air was dry. The lack of light reminded me of this confined space. The light seeping through the cracks of the doors kept mocking me of the lack of light I contain inside of me. I cannot be seen outside in the blazing sun. The sun reveals my secrets, my flaws and shows them to the world without regret. I am the fear of many children. I am what they see lingering in the shadows. To be feared by every living thing was lonely.

Silence wasn’t anything new to me, but this silence was far too quiet. It was the type that would be found in horror films traumatizing children at night. Then I heard it. There was a slight scuffle. A few short laughs, that seemed to get louder by the second. A shout and then the door opened with a blinding light. That’s when I saw her. Her eyes filled with uncertainty as her voice pleaded to be let go, for them to stop.

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