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The Room This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By Jeresur, Ashburn, VA

(This is going be a long rant so unless you don’t have time, just read the last paragraph and I’m gonna go full spoilers so if you really care, then don’t read this) You’re tearing me apart “The Room!!” Now…..I can’t tell you how much this movie is bad. I mean MY GOD! This is the worst of the worst. The steepest pit. GAAAHHHH! I DON’T WANT TO WRITE ABOUT IT!! Every line misses its mark. Every character is unlikable. Even the supposedly caring mother is a terrible person. Even with the main character, Jonny, the person we are supposed to identify with, has absolutely nothing remotely good! I LAUGHED at the loop-holes, dialogue, conflict, wall-to-wall gratuitous sex scenes, characters, and EVERYTHING in between. You might say, “Dude, you just gotta let go and just laugh at the whole movie,” NO!

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