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Indiscriminate Paranoia

By Aveila, columbia, MD

Wait…why I am I here?
Is this my house? Is that my car?
Why did a bird just poop on that car? Why do birds poop on cars in general? Does my car look like a toilet?
This girl asked me to the dance? Why should I go to the dance with her? Do I even know her? How does she know me? I don’t even remember talking to her? Is she stalking me?
This pencil? Someone just randomly put it on my desk? Did they think it was mine? Should I keep it?
Why is the mailman staring at me? Is he looking through my mail? Did he read my mail? Is he allowed to do that?
Why is the bank charging me an overdraft fee? Did I use my card? Did I lose my card? Is someone using my lost card?
What is this sticking to my shoe? Is it gum? Is it candy? I did just step in it, so 5 second rule?
Where is my friend? Weren’t we supposed to meet at the mall?

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