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"The Misadventures of Octavios Jones' Feedback

By SinorBroski, Monticello, IL

The short story “The Strange Misadventures of Octavios Jones” by Alice Starr was a very interesting and well written piece. The story is about a girl named Chloe, who when sitting on the front steps of her aunt’s apartment building, meets a zombie named Octavios Jones. During the “Outbreak”, dying may not be the last time you see light. Some people stay dead, others wake up calmly, and in some cases they wake up crazy and with the hunger for brains. Through telling each other stories and problems they have, Octavios and Chloe find out that they aren’t so different.

I thought that this piece was very well written and a very captivating story. It was written in a way that would reach a large array of audiences. The zombie aspect would attract more male readers, and the drama of it would attract female readers.

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