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The Young Adventurer by Horatio Alger Jr.

By Sbates27, oxford, MA

"Get to your room, and clean it from ceiling to floor!" or "get off that darn computer and do something productive!" are some exclamations that modern teenagers hear on a daily basis. In the book The Young Adventurer, by Horatio Alger Jr, the main character, Tom, has never heard these phrases since he lived in the 1800s, a period before computers. Tom was the perfect son who was honest and hardworking all day on the farm. He never stole, lied, or cheated at anything in life. One could say that he was the parents' dream child.

No teenagers could live up to such standards unless kept in a box all day. Tom was not relatable to the readers and this book should be just another article of fuel for the fireplace in the winter. In various parts of the story, Tom was referred to as a hero, and at other times, a righteous boy.

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