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My Darling Abigail

By Miss_Lady, Cairo, NY

Jaxon almost approached her. Even from a distance he’d recognize that face anywhere. She was the epitome of beauty, of kindness, of all things society considered good. She had beautiful, curly black hair that fell down her back perfectly, long dark lashes that framed bright blue eyes and a smile that made those who looked upon her stop to catch their breath. In her eyes, lay mysteries and secrets; such things that many men and women alike had tried failingly to uncover.
Jaxon had loved her all his life, but she had never noticed him. At least, that’s what he assumed. It had been at least three years since they had seen each other. Three years that Jaxon had felt this deep longing in his chest to go out and find her, but his job and his responsibilities had kept him from truly acting on it… until now.

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