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The Nelly Towers (based on Spongebob episode)

By ChristianCapers, Dublin, OH

Blitz: The protagonist; a 14-year old girl who is very stupid, wimpy and fun. She is underweight, but she eats a moderate amount. She comes from a middle class family. Her ethnicity is African American.
Seyonce: Blitz's best friend; she is also 14-years old. She is overweight and has a tub of lard hanging over her jeans most of the time.
LaSierra: The deuterotagonist/antagonist; she is 14 1/2, and as a result, she thinks she's more mature; however, she's very stuck up. She does not like Blitz or Seyonce at all.
Chanet: Their boss at the Nellydale Mall.
Medford: A little deprived town I made up in Washington. No concerts are held there, the President never comes and it's not even on a map. Blitz, Seyonce and LaSierra all work at the Nellydale Mall, a mall located in the Medford Plaza.

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