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Aralie and Michael, Part Two

By LittleFlutiePie, Greeneville, TN

I lean my head against the plane seat, ignoring the stares I can feel burning into my skin. Instead, I focus on the conversation I had with Wilkerson just before I left.

“Remember, Aralie, no one must know what you are and why you’re transferring,” he’d said.

“Duh,” I’d replied.

“And it’d probably be best if you befriended both the boy and the demon, to stay close to them.”

I groaned. “Befriend a demon? Are you serious?”

“Okay, maybe not befriend, but do be cordial to him so he won’t convince Michael not to talk to you.”

“I don’t have to worry about Colins not talking to me; do you remember who I am?

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