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Dear Taylor

By taylor_baby07, Manvel, TX

Dear Taylor,
Can you understand love or pain at all? I doubt you even know what those words even mean. When you took my own brother from me on the 24th of September, that’s the worst pain I will and have felt before in my life thanks to you. If you even knew who he really was, you could have understood him. The only thing that came to your mind was to pull that stupid trigger. I was right there just watching from afar, waiting for you to pull the trigger. When you were screaming at him, you looked at me with this look I will never forget. A smile appeared upon your face and right then and there, then BOOM! There the powerful bullet went straight through his head. He died instantly and you laugh as he fell to the ground, bleeding everywhere. From that day on I promised myself I would never love anyone ever again.

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