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Things to Fear

By Silencewillfall, Blacksburg, VA

When Elsa was younger she was afraid of so many things. There was a monster in every shadow. Topping the list was a carnival when the sun had just gone down, the feel of the cool summer night air, the calliope call of the carousel, the too-sweet, tempting aftertaste of cotton candy, and that unnerving realization that anything could be behind those tents. Are they screams or are they laughter?

But Elsa was no longer a girl but a woman and had no time for such silly fears. Those shadows were exorcised of their demons and she could walk through the field lit up by fair rides and rigged games without anybody’s hand to cling to thank you very much. She needed no parent or boyfriend to lead her around like she was a rag doll. She let herself hold her head high and caught the eye of a man in a carney cape and hat who seemed to have just barely resisted the urge to grow a curling mustache and carry a baton.

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