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Ending To Lady or Tiger (famous short story)

By JustinBurgs, Winslow,Maine, ME

Lady or Tiger Ending

As the door slowly creeped open, in what seemed like slow-motion, the man had whisper of doubt, for a split second. He hadn’t been sure, but he thought he had seen a glint in the princess's eyes as she pointed to the right. Now, in the face of danger, he was beginning to doubt her loyalty.

The princess watched from above as her lover slowly, dramatically, opened the door to his imminent fate. She thought about what she had done. Her father would have been proud of her. He would say she’d make a fitting semi-barbaric queen.  She couldn’t tell him though, it was obviously against the rules for the person being judged to know what lay behind each door. She remembered when she had first learned who the fair maiden was to be behind one portal.

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