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Walking on Failure

Natalie K., Manteca, CA By PatientSoul, A place, CA

My feet ache as I walk on the road. My hands clenched in fists from anger. Tears crawling down my face from sorrow. My mind scrolling through all the heart-stabbing memories and gut-wrenching thoughts I faced throughout my life. All this while I glide over my old hopes and dreams. My unfinished goals and projects. All abandoned by me, when I was grieving of failure. I passed by what looked like a wooden clock. During my life, I would always wonder how much time I had. How much time it would take for something miraculous to happen to me. Passed that, there's a bouquet of roses. A token of love, hope, that would give you enough courage to fight on, from whatever darkness surrounded you. Something I never got. Onward from that, was a photo, of what seemed to be a family. A mother and father graciously holding their two children, a boy and a girl.

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