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I Am Tomorrow This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Kayla O., Shongaloo, LA By GuardianoftheStars, Shongaloo, LA

I am a scribe. Letters bend and break at the flick and twist of my hand. I can destroy worlds that I create. I am a master, peasant, cat, and viewer. I know everything, nothing, and am still trying to figure things out. I am a writer, I shall keep legends alive, memories forever, and will always have secrets.

I am a craftsman. I capture souls and hearts and place them carefully on paper, in clay, and every other material imaginable. I see colors and shapes that don’t exist. I find the mysteries of the earth and heavens. I am an artist, I’ll hold onto beauty, let lovely things escape, and always apprehend life.

I am a healer. I banish illness away and I bring people to themselves. I have chased away death, battled monsters and I have won. I make people relax and rest with a small gesture and pill.

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