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The Journey to Survive

By RyogoS, Tokyo, Japan

Imagine being awoken by heavy gunfire and seeing blood pouring out of a civilian’s head. Think about the stench of rotten flesh from the millions of dead carcasses. And picture yourself running for your life, plummeting to the ground, and tasting the muddy soil of the burial pits. Over two million Cambodians, a third of the entire population, were killed by the heartless soldiers of the Khmer Rouge regime. Through the incredibly tough times of Pol Pot’s reign, one man risked his life to fight against one of the greatest atrocities of all time. His name is Dith Pran, a Cambodian journalist who was a refugee and survivor of the Cambodian Genocide.

It truly was a strange sensation that I felt while I was watching the film, "The Killing Fields". I was surprised seeing myself so moved and struck by the courage and bravery of Pran.

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