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How to Get Good Grades

By Airic, Prinecton Junction, NJ

These days, school is all about the grades. All we want to do is get a good grade and we will do anything to achieve it. How many of you have had sleepless nights worrying about a bad test score or your report card? If you have, I want to share a couple of tips on how to get good grades in

The most important part of your grade is your test scores. According to Infinite Campus, in Grover, about 70% of your grade is based on tests. One crucial thing about test taking is that you should NEVER try to fit in all
your studying the day before or the day of the test. This will almost certainly result in a bad grade because your brain can’t process and memorize everything within such a short period of time. If you allocate and spread your studying time everyday then your brain will be able to understand and store the information more effectively.

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