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Them. (Part One. (Edited)

Taylor C., Marrero, LA By taylor_lucille, Toluca Lake, CA

I stare out my new bedroom window. Wondering how this summer will be. I tried to tell my mom that moving wasn’t a good idea, but she insisted. “New places are good.” She said. It didn’t matter that this is my sophomore year in high school. I needed a “fresh start” as she put it. Now I’m here, in Louisiana. Supposedly one of the most cultured places in America. I don’t see how moving from California to here is healthy for me.
“Amanda! Come downstairs and get the paint for your bed room!” yelled my mom from the kitchen. The only good thing so far about moving here is that my mom promised to let me decorate my room however I wanted. Running to the stairway, I slid down the rails and fell to the floor, and burst out laughing when I saw my mother’s face. “Now look what you did.” Said my mom, “I thought I told you that you’re not gonna be doing that in this house.

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