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Guard Mission

By zadiekatie23, Rio Rancho, NM

The wind whistled through the canopy of gray leaves hanging over his head. He looked up. The SkyPatrol was watching. He couldn't do anything stupid while he was on watch. He wouldn't have anyway, not that being in prison was a bad idea. Being a NoFace, he had absolutely nothing to live for. Nothing to die for, either.

He heard racing footsteps through the brush and he tensed, his muscles freezing in position. The sound passed on his right and he bolted into the darkness, his hand slipping to his SoulSucker. It wasn't the best weapon to use for this sort of “operation”, as it put the RunAways out of their dying misery faster, but it would have to do, as the HeadChief and ChiefAssistant hadn't assigned him any other weapons. It bothered him that they didn't trust him with more than a child's toy.

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