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too young

By chrisvfree, N/A, FL

on the inside
i think the little boy
must be crying.
he looks wearily at me
with his huge, shadowed eyes
blinking vapidly like a
confused baby fawn.
his dry lips are drawn
downwards and parted
his soft, rasping
breaths are that
of an elderly man.
he reaches weakly towards
me with the fingers of a
skeleton. his arm drops
in defeat and exhaustion.
I softly take his thin hand
in my own
and he smiles wanly.
it pains me to look into his
delicate face
that is too emaciated
for a child
as young as he.
where is the glow of health
the roundness of hearty
cheeks… the bright laughter,
the shining eyes? he has been

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