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Painful Frenemies

Michelle M., San Pedro Sula, Honduras By michellemejia95, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

When looking at magazines, posters, TV shows and our own interactions with other people, we can only make one conclusion: society can be very sick. Society's influence is as poisonous as a rattlesnake's venom that slowly penetrates the human immune system, taking over one's life only instants later. Just take a minute and think on how a woman's image is extremely distorted because of those sad photoshops showing stick thin models who starve themselves to death because of the monsters they have as their bosses, who claim to know the real concept of "beauty". As girls continuously keep looking at these "role models", their hearts yearn to resemble that of the photoshopped image and they're willing to do whatever to reach their dream body goal. Sad truth, but that is how our girls are being constantly tormented worldwide trying to look like Barbies when in reality they don't see how much prettier they look with thicker legs, big butt, hips, and other curvy features that in reality make them look way more attractive from most men's point of view.

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