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Kaitlyn S., Auburn, AL By unwrittenlove, Mount Berry, GA

Growing up, I was taught to be God-fearing and to have a compassionate heart. I went to church every Sunday and when I was in sixth grade, I went every Wednesday for youth as well. I had a wide variety of friends and tried my hardest not to be judgmental towards anybody. This proved to be difficult once I reached high school.

When in high school, it gets difficult to not gossip and to not judge others on their appearances. There was always something or someone to talk about in between classes. I soon became engrossed in the daily hallway gossip. Some days I would even find myself condemning other people--classmates of mine--for their clothes or hairstyles. I became sick with myself.

It was in eleventh grade, that I took my first trip to SafeHouse Outreach in Atlanta.

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