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Forrest Gump This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Polina S., Brooklyn, NY By sey_mour_sey_less, Brooklyn, NY

We all need to fly away from our issues, the ones that we are forced to face daily. Spread our wings and soar to other lands in hope of starting over. But, wherever you go, you will always end up at home. The film, “Forrest Gump,” demonstrates this in a series of heart melting events that will bring you to tears even by thinking about it.

The movie instigates with Forrest Gump seated on a bench, waiting for a bus. He seems like a normal person, going about his business, right? Wrong, he is telling his life story to strangers. Each listener expresses a different attitude towards Gump’s story, from unemotional to incredulity.

Gump describes his first ride on a school bus and meeting Jenny, the girl he falls in love with. The two instantly bond and become inseparable until college, which is when they begin to drift apart.

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