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Anthony C., Cleator Moor, United Kingdom By TheDarkCryLove, Cleator Moor, United Kingdom

Part 1 - The Song of winter Lake

They say that a story, should start with a setting and a character, and so I do the same. The setting of my story ... is white and cold, the character is but a boy, should I elaborate more? I suppose I should.

The day, I do not know, the year is in the present, the month is of December cold. The place of where this story shall be told is that of a village most will know, but few have seen it as this way before. The person whose eyes we see through today is a boy of young age, tall with long golden hair which greatly contrasts from his long black trench coat, and this person is unknown.

The gentle crunch of snow beneath black boot, a footprint left behind as the teenage boy walks awards, to where you may ask?

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