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The Start of Something New

By Anonymous, wilton, CT

The fall from the top always hurts when you hit the bottom. After 10 years of competitive swimming I was at the top of my game. I was one of the best swimmers on my team and had made friends all over the state of Connecticut through various swim meets. However, after my switch to rowing at the start of my junior year, I plummeted to the bottom.

I was a ghost. No one knew me and no one wanted to know me. Because I was nobody, just another kid walking through the boat house doors going to practice. But I wanted to reclaim my glory. I wanted to be back on the top. I made rowing the most single important thing in my life junior year.

I constantly reached out to my teammates. I looked for any advice that could aid in my improvement in this new terrain of athletics. I listened to my coaches, and my captains; trying to harness any bit of information that could help me in my conquest to return to the top.

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