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Trace S., Oshkosh, WI By TraceBatWingsAndBrokenStrings, Oshkosh, WI

The world in fire.
A time we didn’t see.
We’ve lost our only road within reality.
Remembrance of those days,
And stories we withhold.
A whitewash vision blazed with the memories, so cold.
Nothin’ more simple
Than to silence what was known.
Realize you can’t go back.
Now you’re trapped here, all alone.
Waitin’ on the nails
Of the hands of Father Time.
Don’t bother with details,
‘Cause you can’t undo this crime.

And I can’t take more unreal.
This existence seems surreal tonight.
We’ve all been bound by this design.
When Death comes, we won’t make him wait.
Just accept this permanent fate this time.

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