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Moments of the Puzzle This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By aduncz, W. Friendship, MD

Breathe in. Breathe out. Look up. Toss arm. SMACK! The ball sails across the net and lands neatly in the service box. As I jump into the box and pull my body into the ready position, my opponent moves toward the ball. The world slows, and the girl on the other side of the net swings her racquet wildly at the ball. She misses, and the ball continues to bounce. My first ace.

I pounce on the loophole. He probably didn’t even see this angle. But it’s a gaping hole, and detrimental to his case. We’re supposed to be in a seminar, but I am so enraged by his statement I can hardly see straight. I smile triumphantly as Michael flounders. He glances at me, and laughs. We are both so passionate in class, so at odds in our beliefs it is comical. It is a battle of wits, based on passion, not facts, and the most fun I’ve had in days.

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