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The Book Lying before Me

Muhammad Mohsin A., Lahore, Pakistan By Dynamo, Lahore, Pakistan

The book lying before me
A voluminous tome of history
Of men alive and men vilified
Of love and loss, care and misery
A boring book, you might say
One that brings no joys to day
One that stifles search and quest
One that hinders; a boring pest
But nay, my comrade dear
Read your future spread before you
If men alive are dead today
Thus will it go your way
Take heed while you yet have time
For history repeats its order fine
I gaze and think, (wonder) goodness me!
That book lying before me!

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2 comment(s)
Such a lesson! I love it when a piece of writing has a special moral to it... Also, I must are really good with free style. My fav lines were "Take heer while you yet have time, For history repeats its order fine." The first of the two reminded me of my poem "No Time"... I really have run out of words, but once again, let me tell you I had to consult the dictionary twice :P
Jun. 21, 2013 at 9:40 AM • Report
WOW! Very interesting. I really liked it. I love how you incorporated the rhyme scheme; sometimes rhyme makes things sound childish. However, you did a great job! I love your language, also.
Nov. 25, 2012 at 11:47 AM • Report