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The Confession

By Amandaspaaz, Cincinnati, OH

She couldn’t remember anything as she got up in the witness’s chair. Had she suddenly caught amnesia? Can you catch amnesia? She couldn’t remember. Oh, the irony she endured. She felt as if her mind was only half-awake- like the part of her brain that controlled memory had suddenly blown a circuit and shut down, while the other part of her brain was completely blank without a trace of any emotion whatsoever. When she eventually remembered some of what had happened that awful night in October, she imagined her mind lighting up a vibrant white in the area of her thought. The other unremembered horrors of her past remained hidden in the depths of her mind- in the dark . Her mind was checkered with uncertainty as she opened her mouth to speak her first words as a witness, sworn to be truthful, but dreading what her confession might bring to her family, her friends, and ultimately her sanity.

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