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Capital Punishment

By Anonymous, Superior, MT

She had been waiting for this day for a long time. For the day that they would finally strap her down, and inject her with poison. Ending her life for ending theirs. I guess this was supposed to be fair, she had taken life, so hers deserved to be taken. Capital punishment didn’t make much sense to her, killing her wouldn’t bring them back. If only it worked that way, then maybe her daughter would be here to say goodbye. Then maybe her daughter would be here thanking her. She didn’t care about dying; her real death sentence had been made a long time ago…
“Mom!!” her ten year old daughters screaming voice boomed through the crisp October air. They were at the playground and her head was down in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. She looked up, and saw a glimpse of a man dragging her daughter toward a silver van across the field.

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