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Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

By SkyDelight, Chestermere, Canada

Inkdeath is the stunning conclusion to Cornelia Funke's bestselling Inkheart trilogy. Meggie is not your average every day girl. She and her father possess a power that can bring people from stories to life. When Meggie's father accidentally reads Inkheart, he sends Meggie's mother in the book, and the bad guys out.

Throught Inkheart and Inkspell, Meggie and her father are constantly finding ways to banish the villians, and protect those who love them. It can be too much to handle when evil rulers have deadly requests.

Maggie and her father are targeted, singled out. No one is safe in their tragical and magical world. Nobody can help them but theirselves. Reading your way out is not as easy as reading yourself in. Inkdeath will make your skin crawl as mystery, suspense, surprise loom just around the corner.

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