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Memoir of an Autistic Kid This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By AutismWrites, jax beach, FL

Autism... how do I describe it? I know that almost everyone knows only part or even none of the truth. So, just to clear a few things up: First, autism isn't mental retardation. Your brain isn't damaged in any way; rather, you process things differently than a neuro-typical (ordinary-minded) human. Second, it doesn't always mean you're still wearing diapers by the age of twenty. Autism is what's known as a “spectrum disorder.” This means that the effects vary by individual. To put it simply, some people think closer to neuro-typical standards, and some think so far off of it that language is incomprehensible. Third, autism is not contagious, as it is not a “disease” in the common tense. It is genetic, meaning that you have to be born with it. Otherwise, you will never have to deal with it if you don't already have it.

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