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I'll Never Forget You

By MJ12356, Portland, OR

I stuck my feet straight out as they pushed through the air, darting towards the sky. My world seemed to go in slow motion as I flew backwards. I buckled my knees under the seat as I began to fall. The playground was dark. A single light shone onto the bark dust and illuminated the night; making it slightly less impossible to see. The light flickered, it was dying. Dying. I continued to swing up and down, my legs pumping. I knew I had control over how fast or how high I went, but I felt unsure, out of control. The light flickered again.

“It’s dying,” I whispered to myself, “You know you have to go tonight. You have to show up.”

The cold air clung to my skin and only escaped as I forced it out of my mouth and back into the night. I pumped faster. As I threw my feet up I caught a glimpse of my shoes.

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