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the pledge by Chandra Sparks Taylor

By Anonymous, St. Louis, MO

“My Pledge!” Courtland Murphy is very confused is she going to stay true to herself or let herself down. The pledge by Chandra Sparks Taylor is one of the greatest book I have ever read. It starts off really good and doesn’t really get boring. I enjoy this book because it is kind of a mystery, and has a little bit of drama in it. Okay maybe a lot a bit of drama.
Courtland Murphy is sixteen and lives in a strict home. She was not allowed to have a boyfriend until she turned 17. It was the first day of school and she walked in her English class. Her dream boy walked in and sat right next to her she went to get her pencil she dropped and the bumped heads. He asked her to help him study because he had failed it the year before. She was in a “Worth the wait” which meant she is staying a virgin until she gets married.

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