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Serious Kiss by Mary Hogan

By Anonymous, St. Louis, MO

Will the serious kiss be that serious? One summer day, Libby and her best friend hatch a plan before their freshman year is over, they will each have a serious kiss. Libby even has the boy picked out. But, Libby’s too-crazy-to-believe parents have another plan they’re moving. To the middle of nowhere. Far from Libby’s friends, all hope of a normal life, and kissing, serious or otherwise.

Libby is not happy because she has moved away from her school from her best friend Nadine and from her serious kiss. Also her family moved to the middle of Barstow was there’s nothing but dirt and hotness so now her life is pretty much ruined. And now she thinks her serious kiss will never happen.

Libby starts to wonder is being happy really about a perfect plan?

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