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Not Your Life

October 31, 2012

By LinkinPark12, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

What if I told you your life was a lie?
What if I said someone was controlling your life using technology?
What if I said this is happening to you right now?

“Why are there no stars anymore?” The girl in the screen asked, shivering in the brisk air whilst gazing into the night sky.
“I don’t know, but they’ve disappeared for a reason, I’m sure,” her father answered. “Now we must go back inside, it’s time to sleep.”
The girl obediently followed, eyes still locked on the plain blanket that covered her world. Her mind was racing, with possibilities of disappearing stars ricocheting through her had like rockets. The screen slowly went dark as the pair retreated to bed.
“We took out the stars in her world because they seemed to be giving her ideas of adventure,” Mikela growled, pacing back and forward in front of the blank screen and around the room.

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