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Chinese Cinderella Book Review by Adeline Yen Mah

By AudreyKathleenHepburn, Melbourne, Australia

With no love or support Adeline has herself to rely on. From being bashed and deceived Adeline feels insecure and lonely. We see her at the height of her heartache when she was forced to eat Christmas dinner by herself. Even though Adeline feels unwanted and alone Adeline develops a strong sense of resilience. This resilience is shown by Adeline when her little golden duckling PLT was murdered by the family’s aggressive dog, Jaquie. Though Adeline is agitated she has the audacity to bounce back. At PLT’s funeral Adeline makes a pact to herself to never let them win. This is when Adeline’s strength and courage increases. This is also when Adeline is 100% sure that her family will never be there to support or care for her. She also knows that her family will continually ignore her and physically bully her. The idea of not letting them win symbolises Adeline’s determination to ignore the behavior of her horrid family and to care and be truthful to herself.

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