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The Room

Isabelle S., Your Face, AK By SparklePants, Your Face, AK

You wake up in a dark room. There is a horrible odor coming from what seems like a vent. You try to walk closer to the vent to see if there is any light or noise or way to escape this oversize coffin. You realize you are tied to a chair. Rope burns feel like they are on fire, covering your arms, legs and torso. You scoot your chair over to the vent, for it is not nailed down. You lean your head down to get a good look, but the smell! Oh, the smell! Your nose is burning, eyes watering, brain numbing, but you are curious. Curious and scared.

Who is your captor? Surely you did not get there on your own. You remember that you have a Swiss army knife in your back pocket. Slowly, you reach down to find the familiar steel item. It smells like your dad. That slight peppermint smell that grew stronger around Christmas.

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