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Your Own Unigue Love

Jennifer F., Manchester, CT By BelieveInLoveAtFirstSight, Manchester, CT

I remember when everything was good
Everyone did what was needed
Everything was normal.
But what exactly happened?
The world isn't the same.
I remember when there was a thing called love
Nowadays it is just so hard to find
Everyone is out to get your heart and break it
As if you asked for it
Everybody doesn't comprehend how to treat one another
Its all based on if your "cool" or not
Nobody cares whether they are loved.
All there are is players out there.
What happened?
No one can get love like in a fairytale
Then again, who would?
Wouldn't we much rather prefer our own love?
Love that is so special its unique?
Love that no other couple could have even if they wanted.
Something so special, you never want to let it go
Its your love
To keep, hold, protect, nurture, care for.

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