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Julia N., chardon, OH By flyingpinkgiraffes, chardon, OH

Twenty four minutes and seventeen seconds.
I pace from barred window to barred window, from cement wall to cement wall. I grab the doorknob and give it a shake, not because I think it will give,but for something to do with all my nervous energy. I bite my bottom lip and look back at the Timer, the chrome frame and red letters contrasting sharply with the dull brown wall.
Twenty three minutes and forty nine seconds.
I can’t remember life when the Timer wasn’t there. I’ve been here staring at that timer for forever, as far as I’m concerned. My guess is that I committed a crime, a big one, and this is how I am to be punished. Staring at this Timer, with the agonizing thought, what happens when it gets to zero?

I could be released from my cell. That could happen. I pace to my window and look out of it, clutching the bars as if they were the hands of close friends.

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