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The Ledge

By Jude-A, Divide, CO

Once there was an island in the sky, not so much an island, but a platform. The people there had never seen our world below and didn’t care to due to the surreptitious efforts by the Bell family. The Bell family inherited the ‘land’ over many generations; they lived by strict rules to uphold the family name and did so astonishingly well, they married within their class, they didn’t ask questions and traditions were never broken, that is, if you don’t include the Bells’ youngest daughter, Anna Bell. Everyone on the platform hated Anna; she was obnoxious, boisterous, and worst of all, smart. Anna asked questions they couldn’t answer; questions, about the world beyond their precious platform. “But don’t you want to know where we get those plants you sell?” She asked the vendor one evening.

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