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The Last Dandelion This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

November 5, 2012

By emackitchen, Springfield, OH

On a cool, starry night, he fell. Like a lonely snowflake, the young boy gracefully drifted through the air before stopping lightly above the ground in an ancient forest. Around him, the trees and their autumn leaves shivered as if they somehow knew that he was back, he who would end their ephemeral summer reign. The diaphanous boy in his icy blue tunic took in the plant life around him before swiftly gliding through the forest.

Soft as a whisper, he flew. In his wake a ghostly chill followed, and the first frost began to fall over the forest. He picked up momentum, flying faster through the trees, his white hair blown by the wind like drifting snow. Excited for the coming season where he was king, a smile spread on his thin face. Frost fell on everything around him like a thin blanket as he twirled through the air and prepared his wintery kingdom.

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