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The Silent Wait This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By AWriterOfWords, Hamburg, NJ

There is nothing you can do but wait. When you have the information, but cannot do anything about it, all you can do is wait it out patiently. As the storm begins to amplify its strength, you can only sit there and watch. You begin to hear the wind whistling, blowing anything it’s in path. Next, you hear the rain come down. The rain beats against the house, falling from the sky diagonally due to the wind. You watch through the windows, the words echoing from the news reporters to stay away from windows, but it is like you’re hypnotized and cannot move. You stare out the window, watching the storm destroy the life you’re so familiar with around you. The minute you turn our eyes to the clock to see the time, you hear a snap. Your head instinctively whips back to the window. The tree across the street had been uprooted. The tree where you spent your childhood summer days, lounging in its shadows, is now gone.

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