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To Give Or To Recieve

Livy N., Norridgewock, ME By LivyNewhall, Palm Coast, FL

The question, “Is it better to give, or to receive?” is often a hard question to answer. To me, it’s quite simple. I enjoy giving much more than I do receiving. Although I do enjoy receiving, the look on a persons face when I have given them something that they like is priceless. I’m instantly filled with an incredible amount of joy. To give for me is like a natural high. It makes me feel incredible.

I recently gave my grandmother a heart necklace that says “grandma” in the middle, and I also made her a card for Mothers Day. I couldn’t be there to give her the gifts, but I had my mom videotape her reaction. When my mom got home that weekend I watched the video, and I almost cried. My grandmother was so happy that she cried herself. The minute I saw her reaction on that video I was so happy. It just felt so great to know that I made her so happy that she cried.

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