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Katie C., Alta Loma, CA By SHER_locked, Alta Loma, CA

I rush around my tiny apartment, grabbing keys, phone, purse, saying goodbye to various pets. Then I run out of the house and down the street to catch the bus. I take the bus everyday to the metro link station where I then catch a super fast train into Washington DC from the suburb in Baltimore, Maryland where I reside outside of work in a tiny yet cozy little apartment. I work at a forensic lab for the FBI, and have been for about two years now. I love the work, and the people I work with. But sometimes I hate the stress of not having my own car and relying totally on complete strangers to get me to work and other places on time. However, it’s usually not that stressful. Usually I have plenty of time to read a book, catch up on paperwork, or talk to my friends and family. But today, Monday, the batteries in my alarm clock decided to die, allowing me to sleep in.

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