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Unseen (A Tale of a Dead Man and an Invisible Girl)

By amelia.estaire, osceola, IN

It was a Friday night.
While most teens were out partying and getting wasted, I was in the basement with 4 freak shows.
First, was Big Bill. His name is pretty much self- explanatory. He was just shy of 200 pounds and his tiny feet made his stomach look even bigger. His teeth were grimy from lack of brushing, and his hair was greasy from lack of washing.
Needless to say he smelled like dead dog.
And he scared the crap out of me.
The next in line was Susie. Her timid expression matched her mouse-like features, Beady eyes, irregular grey hair, and her voice was so quiet you had to ask multiple times to speak up.
There was Frank. He was probably the closest to normal. His big ears got him the nickname “Dumbo” The name stuck, even I call him that.

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