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My Lullabye to You

Luna B., West Des Moines, IA By City_Of_Angels, West Des Moines, IA

As we fall asleep
With you wrapped in my arms
Together forever and always
Safe from any harm

I bury my face in your hair
Breathing in your scented shampoo
Smiling to myself
As I whisper my vow to you

"You need not worry about me leaving
For your my only one
I’ll love you to the grave
The setting of the distant sun"

I pull you closer to me
"I’d drop every fling for you
For it is you I want to be my girl
The one I’d marry and start a life so new

"I wouldn't trade you for the world
Since it's u who holds the key to my <3

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1 comment(s)
wow this is good to you r a good writer  
Nov. 26, 2012 at 1:56 PM • Report