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Only The Blind Can See

Trace S., Oshkosh, WI By TraceBatWingsAndBrokenStrings, Oshkosh, WI

Some say I'm a peacemaker, heartbreaker, lifetaker.
But a monster's the name I've taken through the days.
If I stay, I endanger all I could be.
'Cause here, only the blind can see.
Am I dead yet? No? Well, I will be soon.
Everything to lose, like in the last World War.
What's in store? Why ya asking me? You think that I know?
Man, I only do what I'm told.

'Cause I'm a good, obedient soldier, and I'm not gonna question the lies they shovel down my throat.

I'm knee-deep in the drop zone. I wanna go home, but that's a vacant wish.
Reminiscent. How much I miss those days.

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