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Celestial Gaze This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Christian E., Gilford, NH By Sarcopterygian, Gilford, NH

A pair of bright galaxies glow,
Fringed by white superheated gases,
With radiant stars within—blue, yellow, green—enclosing
Vast black holes in the centers.
I drift in between,
No air to breathe
In the void,
Where rapid-spinning pulsars
And lonely asteroids are the only company.
In the distance I see supernovae spark, nebulas simmer
And comets streak, tiny as dust in comparison.
The immense gravity of each galaxy
Pulls at me
I can feel them
Stretching me apart
Into insignificant
Invisible particles

You blink and I’m back,
Breathing the sweet air, hyperventilating, gasping
And you walk on, oblivious,
Bright eyes not again turning their star beams upon me.

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