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Interview with a Religious Sister

By brillblonde, Thornton, PA

Could you imagine leaving everything and everyone you know for a life of servitude and prayer? For most people, this sounds like the last thing they would want to do, but not for Sister Danielle Therese. A sister is commonly mistaken for being the same as a nun, but a nun lives a much more cloistered life, while a sister is actively present in a community, and has a specific job. Sister Danielle originally was a student at Immaculata University studying music, but now is an IHM sister teaching theology.
Deciding to remove yourself from your set path and familiar life were much easier for her than it sounds. Sister says that she has felt the calling of God since she was in high school, but her parents told her to try a year at college first. They believed that their daughter had a future career in music, but God had other plans for Sister.

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