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An American's American This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By jhinsenkamp, Traverse City, MI

When you look at me, I can imagine that you see an American’s American. A (wo)man’s (wo)man. A white, middle class Midwesterner who’s had it good. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have all been mine. And, I suppose you’d be right.

I am the epitome of the American dream. Put me in the brochure. My parents are both college graduates. They’ve been married 15 years and are still going strong (knock on wood). I am, as you can see, Caucasian. Born and raised in Michigan with some of the friendliest, snow-loving folk around. I have a younger brother. We can fight like cats and dogs, but still love to watch Saturday morning cartoons together. We’ve got a dog and a cat and a tire swing in the backyard. It’s sketchy and only holds you off the ground if you’re five years old, but it’s there.

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