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The Demon of the Wastes

By GreyKnight13, Greenville, SC

The demon of the wastes
It stalked across the wasteland, the wind whipping up dust devils all around It as It advanced on the ancient scrapyard. Outside the gate two ancient cars sat on either side of the entrance, their empty headlights glaring angrily at It like the darkened sockets of old skulls. The worn out chain-link fence was bulging in multiple places, struggling to hold all of the pieces of torn metal and broken glass inside the yard. Inside the entrance one could see the towers of broken and sheared metal, forming lethal, jagged walls of detritus dividing the various rusted out hulks and artifacts from a past world. Cars stood stacked up on top of each other, forming grotesque obelisks of deteriorating metal. Some of the vehicles did not appear as though they had been gutted yet. This was good, as It would need parts to repair some things soon.

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